How to convince parents to accept your transgender partner

Everyone should be able to live the kind of lifestyle that they want, to love the one that they love and seek the happiness that they deserve. And I am glad you are doing it. However, while you are pursuing your happiness, your parents might get in the way because they are raised in a total different culture which is much more conservative. Recently, one of the most effective transgender dating app has received a tremendous of messages seeking for help. “What should I do if my boyfriend’s parents won’t accept the fact that I’m a transgender women?” “I have never been accepted by my girlfriend’s friends because I am a transgender men” etc. And this kind of questions is common not only for transgender women and transgender men, but also shemale, ladyboy, crossdressing men as well as tomboy. Here are a fee effective and useful tips for you to stand up to your homophobic parents for the right to be you you are

Hear them out.

I know you might think that they are close minded, but it wouldn’t hurt to hear them out. Because it is of great importance to know that the one and the only way to convince your parents to change their mind starts with hearing them out and trying to understand them. Now sit down and start a serious conversation with them. Before you start talking with the closest people in your life, keep in mind the the goal is not differentiate right and wrong with your parents, but to figure out a solution that can make both parties happy. Another key tip to follow is that do not interrupting when your parents are talking even their words are upsetting.

Ask questions.

After hearing your parents out, try to ask questions for a much more thorough understanding of what has been going on. The key is don’t limit your questions on the surface, but something deeper. For example. Question like “can you please tell me why you are against me having a ts guy or ts girl?”might lead to response such as “Because it is wrong! Nobody should ever date a transgender!” which won’t actually help you understand the root cause of their attitude. Push further for more information. For instance “What other difference do you think there is other than simply physical difference?” will get you a much clearer answer.

Change your perspective.

If it is because of their religious belief why they are against it, seek for respect other than understanding. Because it is important to know that not everyone is obliged to understand your way of living, but respect for another individual is required. Thus don’t try to change your parents’ religion but explain to them that you are hookup a beautiful individual who happens to be a transgender.