The Most Amazing Online App for Cougar Dating is CougarD


With the introduction of technology, almost everything in life is available in the Internet, which has a serious impact on our social life. Because of these online dating apps, people get chance to talk and learn to know each other, which means there are more chances to for dating. Ordinary dating apps can't meet the needs of special groups. Here is the introduction about CougarD, an amazing dating app for no strings sex date, bringing some whole new perspectives for dating life. No matter you are an old woman, asking for a younger hookup partner, or you are a young man, wanting to connect with mature ladies. CougarD is the best application for you.


This cougar dating app is customizes some unique features based on people's preferences and requirements. It is dedicated to providing a private and relaxed community for cougars and cubs to connect with each other. Let's get more details about features offered by CougarD.

Quickmatch: This is one of the best features in CougarD. Since the launch of this app, many loyal users have been obtained, so it has a strong database. When you go to quickmatch, the system can select the most suitable potential matches for you according to your preferences. It is an access to know more people. By swiping right to raise the chances of meeting the ideal match. If you have no interest in the profile, just swipe left to pass.

Moments: This is a channel for users to share some wonderful moments in life. And it can help people get to know more about each other as well. The more moment you share, the more attention you will get. Maybe you can attract someone who is quite in tune with you, then a lovely cougar dating relationship will start.

Who viewed me: This is a popular feature of CougarD. It is a facility to check out who are interested in you and who send you roses to get your attention. The intention of this feature is that you won't miss anyone who might match you.


There are different memberships you can choose. These can either be renewed automatically or can be done by you.

1 month auto renewal VIP membership service for $29.99/Month.
3 months auto renewal VIP membership service for $28.33/Month.
6 months auto renewal VIP membership service for $23.33/Month.

Prices are in U.S. dollars, may vary in countries other than the U.S. and are subject to change without notice.


CougarD is a wonderful online dating app for cougar relationship, which has covered most of the countries, including the United States, Britain, Canada, etc. Not like traditional dating apps, it is bridge between cougars and cubs. For bringing the cougar dating groups together, the team of CougarD has been keeping trying its best. So if you are a cougar pursuer, never stop finding your true love because of other's judgements and prejudices. Just come to join CougarD.