Sharing my husband with my friend

We are a married couple who have been in the marriage for over 3 years. It is not a long time. We are still in our romantic stage where both of us aren’t tired of each other yet. Therefore, we never thought about open relationship or swing life style such kind of things. From our perspective, that is something needed only for couples who are getting tired of each other. That is just a way to keep things fresh and keep their relationship. We don’t need that, at least for now. We did talk about it and this is our result coming out of it. But that changed from several weeks ago when my friend come to visit me.

I am now living in New York and I am a New Yorker. In my high school, I went to LA with my family for that they have to do business there. I became friend with Jessy, a pretty and nice girl. We were besties of each other back at that time. Actually, more than best friends. When we were about to graduate, we fooled around for a little bit. I guess it was just because we were about to separate, so we shared a little more intimacy. To be clearer, we kissed and made out, but nothing more. When we graduated, I came back to New York and she stayed in LA. We gradually lost contact and that became our past. I didn’t even invite her when I was married.

Recently, she contacted me again. She was going to New York for business trip and wished that we could re-bond for a bit. I was very happy to dear from her, so was my husband. I told him about our little history. It really got him interested to see what kind of girl she is. So we invited her to our house, we were going to have a 3som.

It was just like old times. We had so much to catch up on. Nothing changed between us, except that I was married and she was still single. We talked a lot with each other. My husband was a very good listener. He didn’t feel left out when we talk. He really listened carefully. We had such a good time together. We missed high school times so much. When the night came, she said that she should head back to her hotel. We had a fet life hug. She nuzzled mu neck, which reminded me the old times. I suddenly got turned on. She kissed my lips in front of my husband. Suddenly, the atmosphere got so awkward and hot. I made a eye contact with my husband and I knew that he would be okay. He said that he wouldn’t mind watching us, but we thought it would be a great idea if he joined too. That was how we had a threesome dating together and how our open relationship begins.