Watch Out for the Relationship Red Flags

If you are looking for a tinder dating relationship while you are not sure what you are having right now, maybe you are already experiencing some red flags in relationships. Knowing these red flags in relationships can help you to lower your expectations and protect you from getting hurt. Here are several common red flags in relationships. If you find yourself are having several of them, be careful and be ready to exit.

You are having a lot more drinks than talking. They all say that communication build a good relationship. In return, if you are not having enough talk with your significant other, you might revalue this relationship. If you find you having a lot more alcohol than communication, this might be a major red flag for your relationship. Drinking too much means you actually have little sober time with each other. Not being sober can do not good to a relationship, but being drunk might do good to a one night hookup. After all, that is how a one night dating usually happens in real life, besides from on hookup apps.

Neither of you feel like to make a commitment. Thinking about people in a relationship, they would often make small or big, long or short term plans with their significant other. Even if they cannot realize it, it represents that they care for each other and their significant other is in their future plans. If you find your relationship is lack of these commitment and plans or even don’t have any of it, it might mean that your relationship is not heading the right way.

Your partner is not jealous of you and the other person. This might need some little test, which might be a violation of relationship principles. But since you are already reading this article, that means you might have doubt in your relationship already. To help you further confirm it, you can do a little test. You can intentionally let your significant other see you with someone else. Bur you should definitely be careful with the balance. For example, kissing someone is not okay, but a little bit of flirting might do the trick. The best way to find out is to let your partner know that you are favored by someone. If she/he doesn’t care, you might be having some problem with your hookup relationship.

No one-on-one time except for the night. Sometimes, you may meet in certain occasions, such as a party or a club, but if this relationship is heading towards the right way, you should have time alone, just two of you, so that you can spend time talking and sharing stuff. That does not include the time at night when you are naked in bed with each other.

These are several red flags in relationships. I hope you won’t find yourself dealing with any of them.