You Cannot Involve FWB Dating to You Marriage

When you are single, you can date anyone you want, as long as you are a lover of casual hookup dating. I kept a FWB relationship with a man for a few months and during this period, he got married with. After that, we both found that there were some subtle changes starting to take place to our relationship, all because his marriage, of course. Before that, even if we were just one of each other's sexual partners, we seemed like more intimate since we often did something that we never did with other partners.

However, we never thought about making it a serious relationship. Sometimes, we went out for dinner and I would give him a phone call when I was bored or I had something wasted to share with him. Honestly, I don’t know what a kind of relationship we had but one thing I can confirm is that it changes after he gets married.

Now, he never goes out for dinner with me and he hasn’t called me so far, let alone to accept my invitation to my house. I can make sure that he is responsible for his family and marriage, but I do feel a little sad because I didn’t realize that he has actually become a part of my life.

Now, I have to learn to deal with my life without him and consider if I should keep living a life like this or find a man to get married. I know it is me who should blame more. I cannot expect too much to a FWB relationship since it is only about sex, nothing else. I guess there are so many women taking wrong attitude to casual hookup life like I was and I wish they can come to their senses as soon as possible.

Today, we can always find beautiful stories share by real people who are in happy and perfect FWB relationships on the Internet. Yes, it is true that some people will benefit a lot from a casual sexual relationship, but it is also true that most of them might have failed with a lot of relationships. In my opinion, adult friend finders cannot keep a FWB relationship and a serious relationship at the same time.

Marriage awakens people’s loyalty and duty. If you want a perfect marriage and a swinging sex life at the same time, you are doomed to failure. Before, I had never realized this, so I had too much hope for my partner, hoping that he could still maintain a good FWB relationship with me after marriage.

Generally, we’d better enjoy as many BBW hookups as we can before we have a serious relationship because we would never have a chance after we have a family. Remember to take good care of your family as well as your life partner and forget everything about casual hookups when you are married.