Rules of Casual Dating

The problem with adult dating is that things can get quite messy and complicated. This may not only cause one of you to have feelings for another, but also a lot of misunderstandings. To make casual hookup easier, and to help anyone of you get hurt, here are some casual dating rules you should know:

Be honest from the beginning. Make sure that both of you know that this is a casual adult relationship, there is no commitment to make a future plan, spend a certain amount of time together, and both of you are allowed to see and hook up with other adult friend finders. You have every right to open for relationships.

Make sure both parties understand that this date relationship can end abruptly at any time. Casual hookup is not serious date, it won't last for a long time. When you two are make full use if this relationship, or any of you want to hook up with someone else, then it is time to end it. Casual relationships can start and end in such a random way.

Don't take this as a long-term thing. The longer a adult hookup lasts, the more likely the relationship will develop and things will become chaotic. Especially if you are not ready for a serious relationship, then don't make any future plan. After all, you two are humans who are sensitive. Long time company will let each other get use to it, and then have feelings for each other.

Don't talk too deeply, and don't make appointments that are very similar to real appointments. If you want to go out together, then always split the bill and maintain things casual. This is a great way let each other realize that you two are in pure hookup relationship.

Reach an agreement, if things become uncomfortable, or if one of you is having feelings for another, always let the other person know. When you find you are jealous when the other party is seeing other friend finders, and you always want to know what she/he is doing, which means you like him/her. Don't try to hide your emotion, and pretend you are okay with current relationship. Pick up an appropriate time to have an open and deep conversation.

Reach an agreement and never interfere with each other's plans, or if one of you needs to collapse, don't be frustrated. Casual hookup is full of possibility. Every one has their rights to leave at any time, just make sure let the other party know. This is not an exclusive relationship. You can't check each other's plans with others. If you are not okay with this, then take your time to consider whether this adult hookup is suitable for you. Decide the acceptable meeting time every month. Decide if you can hear other men she likes or date with her, and vice versa.